Organizing production of details

We specialize in organizing production of details (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, plexi and polycarbonate).

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laser cutting , water cutting, milling, tubes bending, powder painting, grinding, drilling, blanking


Production in Poland

We provide our customer with the unique opportunity of moving their production to Poland

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Packing and organizing

Packing and organizing delivery to the customer

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Many years of experience in conducting negotiations, seeking relevant parts and components will enable you to obtain the best results and optimal price for the desired product.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting –most common and precise method of cutting, marking and engraving different type metallic and non-metallic raw materials of different material thicknesses.

Water cutting

Is used for cutting materials with thickness up to 200 mm. Thanks to low temperature of cutting we can use this method for wide range of materials.

Mandrel bending (CNC)

Mandrel bending (CNC) – is used for shaping tubes/pipes into designed form.

Surface finishing

Processes such as electropolishing, powder coating and galvanizing that creates and optimizes a variety of technical, functional and decorative characteristics of the products.


Milling – is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material to create designed shape.

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