Offer water cutting

Water cutting – is used for cutting materials with thickness up to 200 mm.

Thanks to low temperature of cutting we can use this method for wide range of materials. With an abrasive agent added e.g. garnet sand, the micro-machining effect has no limits for the water cutting tasks to overcome.



no thermal effects and low mechanical strain


suitable for almost any cutting application

Material range

steel, glass, plexi, polycarbonate, stone, rubber, plastic, natural stone, ceramics and more

Other services

  • Laser cutting

    Most common and precise method of cutting, marking and engraving different type metallic and non-metallic raw materials of different material thicknesses. Based on a laser beam which is guided on workpiece and heating it up till melting or vaporizing.

  • Mandrel bending (CNC)

    Is used for shaping tubes/pipes into designed form.

  • Surface finishing

    Processes such as electropolishing, powder coating and galvanizing that creates and optimizes a variety of technical, functional and decorative characteristics of the products.

  • Milling

    Is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material to create designed shape. Milling is also an alternative for producing holes, threads, cavities and surfaces that used to be turned, drilled or tapped.